Hiring a professional isn't always practical or necessary.  The Family Historian series is for people of any skill level, regardless of equipment, who want to take better pictures of their families.

The courses offered in this series are not technical.  There are many wonderful resources for the science behind photography and I do not need to create another.  This series is intended to make better pictures achievable for you with any camera at any time, even if you do not control any of the settings.

Each course presents three concepts and is around 15 minutes.  You can listen during your commute or while you get ready to start your day.  Fifteen minutes is totally doable.

I know these courses will improve your photography.  I know that because the concepts I share with you have and continue to improve my photography every time I shoot.  If you do not see an improvement in your pictures within 30 days of applying the course concepts, I'll refund your investment with no questions asked.  Well . . . I'll probably ask you what didn't work for you and whether you have suggestions for improvement.

Do you want more than what you see here?  I also offer mentoring sessions for photography and growing a photography business.  We can meet in person in Tacoma or virtually.

I haven't quite figured out the nifty parts of making video accessible after payment, so for now please drop me an email or ring me if you'd like access to a course.  I can process your payment and grant access in two shakes!