Who Will Tell Your Story? | Tacoma Legacy Photographer

February 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Intimacy with mortality stirs up a lot of emotions, doubts, and deep, dark thoughts.  We ask ourselves questions in these moments.

Did I love enough?  Does my family know how much I love them?

Did I do enough?  How was I able to make a positive difference in this world?

How will I be remembered?  How different is that from what I hoped?

When I first came to this work of being a companion to families navigating serious illness, end of life, and death,  my focus was on the relationships and how they change and bloom during adversity.  I hadn't given much thought to coming back around and seeing what I could do to create a life I would be content with releasing.

As I now say, being with these families teaches me how to live.  I absolutely mean that.  What I'm now thinking about is the power of these family stories and how they begin far before I meet families.  With this in mind I created an experience called "I Want You to Know," which is a legacy interview that culminates in a photo book of the narrator telling stories and sharing lessons - the things she wants her family to know.

You can start simply with a fill-in-the-blank life story.  Really!  It's a 12-page, free document from Legacy Project that includes basic information.  If you are overwhelmed with where to begin, this is the place.  Try it for yourself - what does your story look like?

We have tools to tell stories and we certainly have stories to tell.  To start, we have to share those stories.  We need to talk or write.  We need to take pictures, paint, or quilt.  We must act to preserve these stories, and we need to also be mindful of where our stories go.  Who will tell the stories next?  How can we pass them on so that they endure for generations?  What are the most important things you want to communicate to your partner, your children, your grandchildren, and . . . we could go on for generations.

What do you want to say?  Who will tell your story?



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