Friends of Conan - End-of-life portraits of animal companions

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am honored to roll out a dedicated service for people who have been loved by a different species - it's called Friends of Conan and it brings end-of-life photography to families who are preparing for a transition with an animal family member, whether a horse, cat, dog, chicken, or any other species.

Conan (2004-2014) is the fellow in the first picture.  He sometimes visits our front yard.  Sometimes I seem him moving from one room to another, just for a moment.  Mostly I see him in pictures.  He has been our most photographed family member (which the exception of our son, The Boy).  His pictures are throughout our home and each one connects to a story and a series of memories.  I know I can look up on an especially hard day, see his face and the faces of our other family members, and feel that I am loved.  I will always be loved, as will Conan.

Every circumstance is different and these sessions are customized to meet those varying needs.  I like to do this session on a good day for the subject and understand that isn't always possible.  I do encourage families to consider their care plans and think about where photography might fit well.  In the case of a new diagnosis for a terminal illness, we can plan to shoot in the early stages for a day without tremendous pain or discomfort.  The activities and location are entirely determined by the family, whether that's at home or a trip to a favorite romping place.

Friends of Conan receive the time necessary to document the love they spark in their families.  The standard offering includes a 8" x 8" photo book of 10 lay-flat pages.  Families may choose the images they wish to include or leave the book design to me.  I archive the images for 12 months; I understand that reviewing photographs in the early stages of loss is emotionally overwhelming.  Prints and art pieces are available in several sizes, including metal, canvas, wood, and acrylic.  I ask $200 (plus tax) for Friends of Conan and gladly offer flexible payment terms.

Slobbered Lens is a new division of Shannon MacFarlane Photography that offers dignified, honest, soulful portraits of giant dogs (I'll share more about that when I have the website ready).  



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