I'm taking a break

July 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is time for me to take a break.  I am stepping away from compassionate photography through August and perhaps longer, if necessary, so I can care for myself properly and return to the work.

In July my family experienced our own medical hardship - The Boy, our son, was in the hospital for nine days.  It was a traumatic stay and much of that is surfacing now that we are at home and transitioning to "normal" life.  We are grateful his physical recovery is excellent.

I am exhausted.  Between the emotional support The Boy needs, my newly ramped-up anxiety and hypersensitivity to any little thing that could signal distress, and sleep deficit I find many days difficult.  This little boy at home needs me to be at full capacity right now, and I recognize that I need to focus more on caring for myself and less on supporting other families through similar situations with photography, at least for a little while.

During my brief sabbatical, I will work on three new things.

  1. Shannon MacFarlane Photography will expand to include two new brands.  The revenue from these brands will help to sustain much of my gratis work with families in need.  The first brand to roll out is Slobbered Lens, which creates dignified and honest portraits of giant dogs.  I'm going back to my roots as an animal photographer.
  2. The second brand to roll out is Exposing Wonder, which produces wondrous images of kids being kids.  Exposing Wonder is for children ages one to nine and is entirely play-based.
  3. Visually documenting treatments, procedures, and inpatient stays can help with managing the care for a loved one in addition to marking important family history.  It is possible to take amazing, valuable, and compelling pictures with a camera phone, and I'll put together a course that teaches how to do that in a hospital setting (where the lighting conditions are usually poor and the medical accessories can be distracting).

I thank you for your support, understanding, and patience.  The Boy thanks you, too.


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