Fairy and Radio Flyer :: Symbols of love at a child's grave

June 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


This fairy keeps company with Jerry, a little boy who rests at New Tacoma Cemetery.

Jerry died more than 50 years ago.  His marker remains freshly adorned with symbols of love from his family.

There is a misconception that grief dissipates over time.  I think if I were to ask Dorrine and Dennis, Jerry's parents, they might disagree.  Grief doesn't dissipate.  It doesn't lessen.  It changes.  It softens.  Grief becomes a new way of knowing someone we love, and it is because of that love we grieve.

Jerry didn't graduate from high school or college.  Jerry didn't fall in love and start a family.  Jerry didn't grow in his career.  Jerry didn't buy a house or travel to interesting destinations.  Jerry didn't see his children become adults.  Jerry didn't become a grandparent.  Jerry didn't get excited about planning his retirement or celebrating wedding anniversaries.  

Jerry is here, where his family visits him regularly.  Jerry knows love through his family's grief.



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