Wet noses and first birthdays :: Symbols of love at an infant grave

April 12, 2016  •  2 Comments

This week I launch an online auction as a lead to my first gallery show, TOO SOON.  TOO SOON is a collection of images of the markings of love at the graves of children, which will also be up for auction.  

I found it difficult to choose the images for the collection.  If the collection were just for display and not for auction, I would have chosen differently.  Some of the pictures I want to share are heartbreaking and aren't the kinds of pictures that a family would want hanging in the hallway.  They still need to be seen.

These bears companion Isaac Taylor, who rests in the Mountain View Memorial Park in Lakewood, Washington.

The dark bear's nose is worn.  He's been outside for a long time in all kinds of weather; ever vigilant and ever loving.  His smaller sidekick looks a little fresher and yet more sad.  They huddle together by Isaac's side.

This year Isaac would be one.  He would probably be close to walking and I bet he'd really like babbling while throwing in a few words here and there.  He would smile when his mom or dad walked in the room.  I bet he was an expert snuggler and I truly hope he had the opportunity to spend time in his parents' arms.

One day is TOO SOON.

We often do not talk about topics that are uncomfortable or frightening.  Unfortunately, one in four women experiences the loss of a pregnancy or infant in her lifetime.  If that woman isn't you or your partner, you know someone who is that woman, her partner, her parent.  This is far too common for us to pretend it doesn't happen.

I will visit Isaac this year on his birthday.



Shannon MacFarlane Photography
It is my pleasure and honor to witness these moments. Thank you for your kindness and support - your words mean a great deal to me. Much love!
As a nurse, death is something that I'm all too familiar with. I'm grateful that you are able to respectfully capture her fierce, unforgiving and often premature force. You have my utmost respect and admiration for your message and your work. My heart breaks every time a new angel is taken TOO SOON. Much love and a congratulations on your first show. It'll be amazing. I'm so very proud of you and honored to be your friend. Thank you for your unconditional love. These families will be forever grateful for your dedicated and passionate work.
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