Teddies for twins :: Teddy bears in the rain at the graves of infant twin boys

April 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


This week I launch an online auction as a lead to my first gallery show and silent auction, TOO SOON.  TOO SOON is a collection of images of the markings of love at the graves of children.

I found it difficult to choose the images for the collection.  If the collection were just for display and not for auction, I would have chosen differently.  Some of the pictures I want to share are heartbreaking and aren't the kinds of pictures that a family would want hanging in the hallway.  The still need to be seen.

These bears stick together with Bret and Joshua, who rest at Mountain View Memorial Park in Lakewood, Washington.  The bears with the longer, thicker fur that looks especially lovely and is ideal for snuggling when dry look so much more despondent in the rain than their less furry counterparts.  I see that in these two bears.

Bret and Joshua would turn 13 this year.  For all the joking parents do about having teenagers, not to mention teenage boys, I'm pretty sure the Foleys would give just about anything in the world to have teenage boys in their house.  They would probably eat everything that wasn't nailed down and I bet they'd have schedules full of sports, music, and academics.  

One day is TOO SOON.

We often do not talk about topics that are uncomfortable or frightening.  Unfortunately, one in four women experiences the loss of a pregnancy or infant in her lifetime.  If that woman isn't you or your partner, you know someone who is that woman, her partner, or her parent.  This is far too common for us to pretend it doesn't happen.



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