A ghostly girl :: Encouragement from an unknown young lady

April 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Do you believe in ghosts?  Spirits?  Have you been visited?

While I was working to set up the online auction for TOO SOON last week, I received a visit.  It was exactly the visit I needed.

I had been at the computer for about an hour and was both physically and mentally tired.  I wasn't sure if I was doing the right things.  I was talking myself out of doing a show at all.  

Then she came.

Something to my right caught my eye.  I was sitting in a dark room with my screen the only light, and yet there was a bright light source by my right shoulder.  I turned my head to look and there she was . . . a young lady who was maybe eight or nine years old.  Her expression was joyful and ebullient.  She smiled at me shyly as she tucked a blond curl behind her ear.

"It's really beautiful.  Thank you for your help."

She touched my arm and giggled.  I felt pressure on my arm, and yet I couldn't see her hand.

In the moments I needed to register what happened - to realize I hadn't been alone in that room - she disappeared.  I waited, hoping she might return or send a friend.

The room was quiet.  Quiet and dark.

I don't know if I really saw, heard, and felt what I believe I saw, heard, and felt.  I suppose there isn't a way to know.  I can see her face and hear her voice so clearly.  I do know that she said something that I needed to hear.  I so much want this work to be meaningful to someone other than me.  I want to help bring even a moment of serenity to a mother, a grandparent, a father, or a sibling.  She said it was beautiful.  She said it was helpful.

That was what I needed to hear.


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