What Burial Looks Like

March 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Funerals, and the death industry, are funny things.  There is a lot involved we do not see, and much of that activity is meant to present the most beautiful service possible.

It can be shocking to see the moments between the service with the casket, the digging of the grave, and the burial.  It's raw.  It involves heavy machinery.  It's not the delicate or romantic process we'd like to associate with the care of the deceased.  The workers invest a tremendous amount of care in making sure everything is just so, at least the ones I have witnessed, and they take pride in what they do.  It is difficult labor.

In the beginning, the workers cover the grave with plywood.  The bottom half of the burial vault and the casket are already in the grave.  

This is the top of the burial vault.  The vault seals the casket - the bottom of the vault goes in the grave first and then the casket is lowered into it.  The top then encases the casket.  Once it's on the burial begins.

When the earth has been replaced and the surface is level, the works sod the ground and install the marker.  

Even the small markers are very heavy.  This one is about two feet by three feet.


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