Keep Them Safe, Saint Florian

August 24, 2015 - In the unlikely event you haven't heard, Washington is on fire. As of today, the Okanogan Complex is larger than the 201...
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Happy NICU Endings

August 15, 2015 - Being in the hospital for a long stay is challenging. It's difficult in ways that we don't understand until it happens i...
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How Much I Love Him

August 05, 2015 - The thought of not having - of losing - someone must be one of the most powerful, influential, and motivating experience...
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Book Review - The Conversation

August 04, 2015 - I borrowed The Conversation: A Revolutionary Plan for End-of-Life Care by Angelo Volandes, M. D. from the library. It's...
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Grief Is Private (aka Why I Don't Post Many Pictures)

August 01, 2015 - Early this year I read a front-page article in the local newspaper. A man beat his girlfriend's two-year-old son to deat...
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