Book Review - Hospice Voices: Lessons for Living at the End of Life

July 29, 2015 - Weeks ago I came home from the library with an overflowing shopping tote. My husband, The Man, thought nothing of it. Da...
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Cat Pee on the Bathroom Floor

July 25, 2015 - This morning I stumbled into the bathroom, only partially awake after a long night of nursing and sleeping with a toddle...
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Learning How to Cope with Grief

July 18, 2015 - When I was younger I wanted to save the world and do amazing, wonderful things. One of my plans was to provide sanctuary...
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The Empty Bassinet

July 07, 2015 - Not every baby goes home from the hospital. It's heartbreaking, terrible, and absolutely true. Two years ago our son jo...
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In 1/60th of a Second

July 06, 2015 - How many life-changing moments have you had? Honest-to-goodness life-changing moments? My friend Rebecca is a brilliant...
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Argh! So Much to Say!

July 02, 2015 - This is not a post about early Dave Matthews tunes. I've been thinking about how I can best serve the world as a photog...
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