It is difficult to be where you are now. I can't say that I know how you feel, but nevertheless I am with you on this journey.  

I've been the parent living at the hospital.  I've slept in chairs.  I've gone for days without a shower.  I sung songs through an incubator and navigated the wires, tubes, cords, and beeps of the life support systems I loved and hated.  I've crumpled in the hall, on the way to do something essential and simple like visiting the restroom, because I was so overwhelmed by the hard stuff that I felt like I just couldn't . . . all I could do was feel the tremendous weight of uncertainty, fear, and grief.  
I believe in celebrating relationships, knowing there is always something to celebrate even on the hardest days.
I believe in holding hands.
I believe silently sitting next to someone is often the best show of support.
I believe in expressing emotions, whether that means crying, screaming, or jumping up and down.
I believe in embracing life.
I believe in laughing until my face hurts and I have to run to the restroom.
I believe that life is most beautiful when it isn't airbrushed.
I believe that wrinkles and age spots are earned and speak volumes in wisdom and experience.
I believe in vulnerability.  I believe that vulnerability is beautiful.
I believe in a solid 10-second hug for every hello and goodbye with family and close friends.
I believe that grief lasts as long as love.
I believe the best smiles are full body experiences.
I believe in kindness, compassion, and empathy.
I believe a family's history, including handwritten letters, pictures, and stories, is the most valuable thing a family has other than today and their love for each other.
I believe we are all living and dying today.  I prefer to focus on living.
I believe in handmade gifts that have no price tags and yet are priceless.
I believe people are meant to break during difficult times.  I believe they grow into new strength when they are able.
I believe in telling the story of my family every day through the photographs on our walls.
I am so glad you are here for a visit.  I look forward to seeing your story unfold.